Retirement Planning for Individuals & Social Security

What’s my income?

Most people know their number i.e., retirement assets; however, what they really want to know is what does it take to produce sustainable income during my lifetime without depletion, with a margin for safety or family legacy.  It’s never too early or too late to plan for retirement. In fact, a little planning can make a big difference in having a satisfying retirement. We at Gladstone want to help you achieve your financial goals.  Together, we can help you develop a personalized retirement plan aimed at helping you live comfortably and cover contingencies and a provide legacy as desired when you stop your 9 to 5.  Retirement income planning is complex.  Today’s retirement can last over two decades over inflationary and volatile periods, while people are living longer. Your funds need to "multi-task", i.e. replace your paycheck while seeking growth to outpace inflation.  We will set up a viable plan and monitor your results.





Social Security retirement benefits help provide lifetime, inflation-adjusted total income.  Combined with your retirement savings and pension benefits, Social Security serves as an important component of your overall plan for retirement income, amounting to hundreds of thousands to 2 million dollars or more over a joint couple’s lifetime and becomes increasingly important as longevity increases as we get older.

Eligibility for Social Security begins at age 62, when approximately 40% of persons eligible begin withdrawals, according to the SS Administration’s own records.  However, early claiming will reduce your monthly paycheck – permanently.  New research shows that you may be considerably better off using a coordinated strategy for withdrawing your income that provides maximum benefits in a shorter time frame, while creating a higher survivor benefit.  Imagine receiving hundreds of thousands more in benefits by coordinating the timing of your withdrawals.

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