Contingency Planning for the Unexpected Life Events

Contingency Planning for the Unexpected

Our lives are busy, and it is easy to forget about insurance. We at Gladstone will work with you to understand your needs and work to get the appropriate level of insurance from our broad network of nationally recognized carriers. The best way to prepare for the unexpected is to be properly insured and have emergency savings. Schedule an appointment to discuss which strategies would be best to help protect your loved ones from unexpected hardships.  We specialize in life insurance, disability and long-term care income planning.

We will discuss some of the new and innovative ways families are using hybrid products to cover contingencies efficiently.  Monies committed to these products can be used in one capacity or another or added to the family’s legacy.  Let’s discuss a customized approach for your family.

Continuing or Changing Life Events

We are dedicated to our clients throughout their life. From creating your first income protection plan to retirement, we will support you with personalized strategies. We understand the big picture and want to help you achieve your life goals.  Whether you’re moving to a new position, changing careers, recently downsized, considering retirement or just what’s next, any change can affect long-term financial implications.  We will work with you to consider all options.